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Getting into Wizardry 8 as a new player is very daunting mostly due to having to create all your characters and no option to just choose some pre-made ones that are decent for their class. It means you have to research classes, attributes, skills etc before you can make even one in a party of six. Or what's more likely is someone new restarting the game after hours to make a new party once they better understand character stats etc.

So while looking into making a party I made a few characters for a number of classes and thought I'd share them for anyone who would like to jump in quicker without having to research to much before even getting into the game world. So if you just want to choose a fighter, mage, thief, healer, etc and jump in this could help.

Link and info below!sNh2nCiT!Q2oN-od1-QRLaPCfXykS8w

==== Wizardry 8 Premade Characters Readme ====


This contains 13 pre made characters of various classes,
so players new to the game don't have to research every
class and skill just to create characters to start the game.

They may not be perfect but some research has been done
so they are at least a decent starting point for their

For those unfamiliar with the game and its classes/skills,
when leveling up these characters generally increase things
they're already good at is a good idea. Also it's generally
a good idea to try and maximise the preferred attribute/s for
a character as at 100 points a new skill is unlocked.


Extract the .CHR files into the appropriate game subfolder.