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One question occurred to me regarding the final battle:

I know that, if you decide to side with the Dark Savant at the end of the game, and Vi Dommina is in your party, she will leave your party and fight against you. This, however, leads to an interesting question:
* What happens if you reach the endgame with Vi dead, side with the Dark Savant, let the battle begin, and *then* revive Vi? Will she remain in your party (putting Vi and the Dark Savant on the same side of the conflict), or will she leave your party immediately (or at the end of the round), or does the game somehow prevent you from doing so?

Just something I've been wondering lately.
Vi will leave your party...
Sax and the Robot are the only two you can have in your party for the final battle
ussnorway: Vi will leave your party...
Even if she's dead at the time?

(It might not be easy to kill her off (with that "Cheat Death" ability that Valkyries get), but it should still be possible.)