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OK, so the Gold version sucks. Can't even scroll the window after resizing to focus the tiny gameplay space in to something manageable on a large monitor. So on to the original version in Dosbox. Nice that you can scale it. OK. So what about keyboard support in combat? I can't seem to get any keys to do anything in combat. Can't use first letter of commands. Can't use arrow keys. Have to use the mouse and only the mouse. What am I missing?
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The [Alt] key may be locked, if so hitting it twice should solve the issue.
townltu: The [Alt] key may be locked, if so hitting it twice should solve the issue.
Thanks for the suggestion but does not seem to be related. Have tried tapping both ALTs, CTRLs, SHIFTS. Holding each of these down while pressing other keys. Just seems to be a dud. Some keyboard commands work outside of combat (like rest, use, magic, search, numbers for character, equip) but I can't figure out what works for combat.

I think I figured it out. I had to change the input device from mouse to keyboard in the configuration menu. This prevents any mouse use but it does unlock the keyboard in combat. Odd that keyboard commands work outside of combat but not in combat when mouse is selected.
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Good to hear that you found at least a workaround which lets you play the game,
however you can also try to hit [Alt] + [Enter] to toggle fullscreen/windowed mode,
and check whether both inputs work in the other presentation mode,
if so it may have "kick in" the keyboard when you toggle back to what you prefer.

At least thats how it works for me to get mouse and/or keyboard working when running other games under dos box.