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Personally I'm having a similar problem.

I was reading Gamefaqs (Not for a walkthrough >_< but just for tips on character creations and what the different stats represent)

And it said, that if I fail the copy-protection I will never hit and enemies take a lot more damage off of me.

Well, I have this GOG version, and started a new save (after I started a previous save before I knew what I was doing) My characters miss "constantly" even towards rats. And my Dwarf has average stats but will die from 2-3 hits from a rat. I feel I screwed something up, because my last save didn't do this.

While I read the previous comments that "It's just hard" "The copy-protection has been removed" I still feel is wrong here. And actually I would rather this comment be deleted, but I don't know how ^^;
Post edited January 12, 2015 by Dartpaw86