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Sorry for repost, I forgot to tag the other as a question/problem and can't seem to delete that post.

I have read all the threads related to this and nothing works. I used the wiz8fix file provided by gog but it doesn't work. Someone pointed out it looks for the original install location but I can't find out how to mimic this. I am surprised gog has not fixed this in all this time. I hope that it is fixed by the time I have finished wiz7 and am ready to import a party over. In the meantime, I'd appreciate advice on ow to get it to work.

I am running windows 10 x64

ps, wow I must be frustrated, the title should have said won't launch. :(
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1. wizardry 8 runs fine on 4 of my Windows systems (two laptops, ryzen desktop & my 12r2 server)

2. yes the gog wiz8fix is a pointless joke that can't detect the game unless its installed in the old {wrong} place

3. the fact your system can run Wiz7 is a good start... you say you tried all the normal steps;

updated your G-card drivers, checked that NET 3.4, 4.7 & DirectPlay are enabled in your Windows Features, uninstalled your antivirus software & you don't have the game installed to C: program files?

4. have you perhaps got a mismatched set i.e, the Gog galaxy Wizardry 8 and the old disc Wizardry 7 installed to the same system?
wiz8_fix.jpg (85 Kb)
I had to install it to a very specific directory. C:\wiz8
no other directory works. This is very strange.
Incubuspawn: I had to install it to a very specific directory. C:\wiz8
no other directory works. This is very strange.
I copy-pasted my game install folder to the root directory of my C: drive and it works without issue. I've been able to have multiple conccurrent installs with different mods applied - the name of the directory doesn't seem to matter so much as that it MUST be in the root directory of your system drive.