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Greetings, all!!

I like some of Achebur's Wiz8+ tweaks, most notably:
-Increased draw distance.
-Shop inventory derandomization.
-Decluttered loot lists.

However, I would like to be able to play with the Christian Coder's Wiz8 Mod from How compatible are these mods? What would be necessary for them to be compatible?

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Simple crude way:
1st install wiz8, then Kaucukovik666s Wiz8 enhancements
(Achebur only made some imo questioqböe tweaks on Ks also imo questionable tweaks, "questionable" in terms of balance),
finally CC mod allowing it to overwrite files.
Not sure whether this causes crash or major conflict nevertheless,
but crash should occur instantly and conflict not be big enough to break the game.

Long tedious way:
Install CC mod and Kaucukivnik666 mod seperately,
open both with 2 instances of CF and compare step by step,
all the stuff that was chaged by each mod and if it conflicts either decide which to keep
or have both by adding another instance to the database.

Reqires insight in wiz8 file structure & game mechanics,
even Jeff Ludwig or Kaucukovnik with deep insight in al least their own product would probably prefer not to do that job becuase of the reuired time, but if you are not familiar with Wiz8 modding it would take ages.
I considered using Ludwig's mod as a base then modifying things based on the change lots of the other mods.
Also, I believe that jeff's tweaks aren't compatibile with 1.26.exe as the game has to be launched from his 1.24 wiz8.exe.
>>> Also, I believe that jeff's tweaks aren't compatibile with 1.26.exe as the game has to be launched from his 1.24 wiz8.exe.

Compare 1.24 exe with Jeffs exe and you will notice only a few bytes were changed.
(btw all changes except base xp requirement can be done with CF)

Comparing 1.24 exe with 1.26 exe will give entirely different offsets,
and in this this specific case,, Jefffs changes found in his exe can be copy_pasted nto the 1.26 exe.

Or vice versa apply the differeneces found in 1.26 exe to Jeffs exe.
btw 1.261 exe has even less differeces as i reverted some bytes back to 1.24.

Besides, the giant sword sucks as it drains too much stamina
(unless you play on easy resulting in short battles)
e.g. duplicate the naginata, lower the duplicates weight to 6.0 lbs,
assign sword skill instead of polearm, then restrict it to Samurai only.
To get the new wepon into the game, assign standard naginata and enchanhted katana
as items for "can be merged", for the improved version use e.g. bushido blade
(so there is a chance for it already at MB)
Oh, and change from Mook to Hobbit;)

Martial art nunchuks are also fun.
they have a rl variation called 3 sectional staff, quite versatile and hard to control,
it can be considered an extended weapon.
Note that scaling of MA dmg&effects with lvl goes into attacks with weapon that have MA skill assigned.
How to have Jeff's mod work with 1.26?
Endarire: How to have Jeff's mod work with 1.26?
Get e.g. HxD hex editor and run it.
Load 1.24, 1.26 and Jeffs exe.
Go to: Analysis - Fliecompare -> Compare, there select 1.24 exe and Jeffs exe.
Note every different byte and its offset, which are revealed by hitting [F6] until the flies end.
Write the different bytes from Jeffs exe into 1.26 exe.

Optionaly reveal changes in 1.26 vs 1.24, and paste bytes into Jeffs exe
Greetings, townltu!

Since you seem to know so much about Wiz8 editing and hex editing, I ask these:

1: How to change the draw/visible distance in Wiz8?

2: In Wiz8, how to remove the level minimums on chests and creatures so they always drop their best stuff?

1 CF Location Editor -> General Parameters tab -> view distance

2 CF Loot Editor -> level sensor;
creatures dont have lvl sensors
What's the best way to ensure all vendors always have all their items available for sale?