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I found another way to crash the game which appears to be easily reproducible.

1. Give the character at least 2 of a consumable that stacks in the inventory (like potions or scrolls). A mana stone (with at least 2 charges) works.
2. Use one of the items.
3. Press Shift-U until the items get used up.

At that point, you will trip an assertion and the game will crash.

If you do this with an item in your party inventory, the game will (at least under WINE) lock up without an assertion.

Seems that's something the developers forgot to test. If the game were still being supported, this would be a good bug to report because it seems to be reproduceable 100% of the time.

In any case, be careful with Shift-U. I recommend only using it on instruments and gadgets, just to be safe. (Using it on equipment is OK, but I can't think of a good use for such use.)