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I put 30 hours or more into this game maybe. I'm very inexperienced with mods, I looked around a little. I put a Christian Coder mod on but I'm not sure if its actually functioning or not. I just dumped the files into GoG's Wiz8 folder and overrode anything it asked about. But there was also a WizFast mod or something. I think there were 2 that dealt with combat speed. I'd like that more than balance changes but it seems like the links don't work. Is there a specific place to go for this stuff?
Mods aren't necessary unless you want the additions/changes. Mods available in english are on the site below. There's also a Patch section, if you just want basic fixes or changes. This section includes a working link for Wiz8Fast. Recently, the site owner added the unofficial patch (v126) which helps avoid statistics rolling over back to zero. The listings all have a description of their changes & the mods have available fixes (if any) linked below them.
I always really enjoyed Wizardry Enhanced.]