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Hi guys,

I just wanted to inform our German gamers that we have updated our installer and provided a patch for those who don't want to re-download the entire intaller.

What this update does is it fixes Wizardry 7's (DOS) issues with not being able to hit anything using melee attacks. The problem was that the copy protection has proved to be a bit more insidious and resilient to our efforts. To that end we have left it intact and provided you guys with a key words file that you can easily access from the Start menu for the game.

We know that this might stink of DRM to some folks but please note that you only have to enter the key word ONCE and ONLY at the very beginning of the game, after that you can go on to crawling through Wizardry 7's many and varied dungeons while debating just which class to switch your Valkyrie or whether a Faerie Ninja is really worth the effort to acquire the Cane of Corpus.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :D.
Crosmando: Are you telling us that Sir-Tech's programmers actually put something into the code which made it so if you hacked out the manual lookup that you wouldn't be able to hit enemies with melee?

This is like that thing Cleveland Mark Blakemore was talking about
ITZ coming!

Seriously speaking, yes, that sounds about right. Unfortunately, the German versions never did have their proto-DRM patched out later like their English counterparts.
Crosmando: Oh, this is only for the German version of 7?
Yes, only for the German version.
te_lanus: A quick note:

just updated, and ran the German version. It seems that sound was not correctly setup, thus when run there is no music playing. But it's easily fixed if you go into the config and tell it to use sound/music. apply, it'll shutdown, restart the program and you'll have sound
I'll pass that on, thanks :D.
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ArbitraryWater: Did he ever release that Grimoire game that was basically Wizardry VII-2? I remember reading about him doing a crowdfunding thing to get it released and then nothing else.
PetrusOctavianus: I haven't kept track, but apparantly a demo was eventually released.
It was and it works on Win 7 64-bit now :D