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I've attempted to take this off-topic argument to private messages.
wait, is there an *official* DOS patch for English Wizardry7 that removes the doc-check on the beginning?
I only found a pentium1 fix and a patch with some .ovr files that left copy protection intact...
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I noticed a new update. WHat has been updated?
micartu: I noticed a new update. WHat has been updated?
It looks like maybe the update is that they added a Mac installer for the DOS version of Wiz7 as a bonus download.

Kind of weird how they're handling the DOS version. Seems like it should have been an installer option for the main download instead of a bonus, or at least allow bonus content to be platform specific (so that Mac-only bonus content will only show up on the Mac tab, and PC-only on the PC tab).
SkeleTony: Yeah, Cleve is basically all of the worst, far Right conspiracy theorizing Tea Partiers combined into one guy. He is allergic to facts and logic so don't ever get into it with him online (He hangs out at the Codex now which is only a little ironic since he has in the past decreed that the RPG Codex were the worst bunch on the internet and whom would be unable to buy his 20 year old game just released.) as all his other haunts have gotten sick of him it sems.
My opinion is that most people who claim to know what the "Tea Party" is can't spell it, let alone understand it (equating it to the Boston Tea Party, the historical event in America's past the current "Tea Party" is based on is utterly beyond them--most of the detractors dropped out of school before they ever got that far, most likely...;)) Just like the Rush Limbaugh radio show...the people who hate Limbaugh the most haven't a clue as to anything the guy actually says, but their MSNBC masters tell them to hate him, and constantly accuse the guy of saying things he never says, so they pile on like Lemmings going over the cliff together. If you're a political liberal in the states today then you know first hand that ignorance is bliss...;)

But in getting back to the topic at hand...rather than sinister plots to do weird things to games in which the copy-protection was hacked, floppy-disk based copy protection was a horror because it had this nasty habit of ruining floppies in the course of "protecting" them...;) Ripping out the copy protection often introduced a wide array of unintentional but severe bugs. Floppies are sensitive enough as it is to read-write floppy disk-drive stress, and mostly all floppy-based copy protection did is make it tough on legitimate customers and cost the publishers a lot of unnecessary effort, time, and money. It caused program publishers no end of grief in terms of mad customers (and lost revenues) due to having to mail out so many floppy-disk replacements--and I wasn't surprised to see the practice pretty much just dry up and blow away, eventually. Until it moved to CD distribution and beyond, that is--which has proven just as problematic to the publishers who still use it. Some of them are really, really slow to learn from those experiences.

Companies like CDPR are blazing trails for other companies not quite as progressive--last two AAA games I bought from Steam are blessedly free of any kind of DRM at all--Steam doesn't even have to be running in order to launch the games--I don't have to be in offline mode, either. That's happening strictly because of CDPR's influence, imo.
I’m currently downloading Wizardry 6 using the GOG downloader.
In the files listed is "Wizardry 7 DOS (PC, English) - Paused" and
"Wizardry 7 DOS (MAC, English) - Paused".

Is that a leftover from the time where Wiz 6 and 7 were downloaded into the same folder and later split?