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My current playthrough I went to the cemetary retro dungeon at around level 8 for my party. This time I brought Vi and Miles. I had not grinded in Arnika as much to get all the spells and gear.

Everything was going fine. I had a bunch of kills and stuff collected, only died 1 time to a Morag.

Open a door and combat! It was 3 X level 10 Morag. 3 high level fireballs later and I'm back at the load screen!

Please not that death was not a party death, but my Psionic dieing.
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Do you have Magic Screen? You should have that spell up all the time in any area that might have spellcasting enemies. (Plus, it's good practice for your spellcaster.)

Death isn't serious in Wizardry 8. All it takes is some Resurrection Powder (or any other way to cast the spell) and the character is back alive; there's no chance of failure (unless the spell fizzles, but that is rare and you can try again), and no permanent loss of stat points or anything like that.

If it's one character who seems to die a lot, try casting Guardian Angel on her; that spell essentially acts as a healing spell that can be cast before the character gets hit.

At higher levels, Element Shield and Soul Shield are good for protection against enemy spells.
I was only level 8 when I faced them. I actually had magic screen(before fight), element shield, and soul shield immediately. I just got hit really hard by the spells (they were casting them level 6 or so). It was just overpowering, there was absolutely nothing that could be done. In the first round only 1 of the 3 motrax cast fireball at level 6 I believe. It did not kill anyone but it was done very quick. The other two moved next to my party. The next round all three cast around a level 6 fireball and that was it, we were all dead, even the valkyrie.
Encountering level 10 enemies when you are level 8 is normal in this game. If it happens in a place you can't avoid and it proves to be unmanageable, I would consider lowering the difficulty.

Also, casting Magic Screen at unsafe levels before the fight can work well, as the spell doesn't backfire and it doesn't take a round to use it outside of battle.
I just avoided that and moved on. Working on killing the breeders right now.
I recommend keeping a save from before you kill the breeders in case you have trouble getting out.
I usually keep a save before all major areas. I have a save from right before the cemetery. This will be the fourth time I have killed them. The first time in a modified game. I just thought of something, the mod I am playing ups damage on spells around 10 percent.