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Changelog for Update 1.02C (added 25 May 2018):

Bug Fixes:
* Added a failsafe to prevent getting stuck in walls
* Fixed an issue that sometimes caused invisible walls in levels
* Fixed improper colliders for some spike hazards
* Fixed a bug with picking up combine items when inventory is full
* Fixed issue with incorrect icon showing up for dropped relics in minimap
* Fixed issue where Taffy could be easily defeated using the Cobalt Firestone
* Fixed store pricing issue where some spells cost 0 gold

New Features:
* Added an additional portal to the the mini boss room that leads to the start area

Gameplay Changes:
* Taffy now drops only enhanced arcana instead of standard arcana.
* Locked elemental treasure chests will no longer drop standard arcana, and only drop gems, gold, health, and relics.
* Final Boss attack timings slightly adjusted:
* * First form now activates spells roughly 0.25 seconds quicker and the time between spells has been reduced by roughly 1 second.
* * Second form is 1 unit more accurate with wind slash and flame breath arcana.
* Health orbs now recover a flat value of 25 hp. All other healing sources will still heal for a percentage of the players max health.
* Counter Rogues and Grand Summoners now only heal after using their summon spells instead of blindingly healing whenever they wanted to.
* Burst Mage heal spell removed.

Arcana Tunings:
* Spark Contact (Basic) buff: Burst added to last hit of spell and enhancing it will cause the burst to apply shock status to all enemies.
* Spike Track buff: Enhanced version now travels much further than before.
* Arc Sphere buff: Activation time reduced and forward movement removed for better aiming.
* Absolute Finale buff: Cooldown lowered by 1.5 seconds.
* Explosive Charge tuning: Damage and range increased significantly. Stores 2 uses instead of 3.
* Shattering Strike tuning: Initial hit has less knockback for more consistent burst damage.
* Storm Draft tuning: Wall collider size reduced to work more reliably near walls.
* Phantom Brigade tuning: Standard version now honors Pop-up Primer’s effects, adding an extra knight to its summon.

Relic Tunings:
* Charming Teddy Bear buff: Activation chance significantly increased and duration of confuse increased.
* Boots of Frenzy buff: Duration of effect increased.
* Absorption Coil buff: 100% of damage is converted to signature energy instead of 50%.
* Bladed Buckler buff: Signature energy gain changed to flat 15% for each projectile blocked.
* Bracers of the Beast buff: Signature energy gain changed to flat 15% for each parry and works more reliably while making quick turns.
* Elven Ears buff: Added cooldown reduction to first arcana used when leaving stealth. Price also reduced by 50 gold.
* Spiked Emergency Kit buff: Activates and heals up to 30% of max HP instead of 20%.
* Thesis of Defense nerf: Now stores a maximum of 600 pages for a damage reduction of 3 instead of 5.
* Mirror Shield nerf: Cooldown increased to 18 seconds after breaking.
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Changelog for Update 1.02E (added 01 June 2018):

* Enabled option for resolution select dialog (hold ALT when launching game)
* Adjusted some logic for enemy teleport skills (fixes Mentis Imperium in locked room bug)
* Added backup recovery save system for corrupted files
* Aiming with the Gamepad now maintains last input position when the analog stick is returned to neutral while using multiuse arcana
* Changed how locked room colliders are generated to help prevent accidentally using Chaotic Rift to exit the room
* Wizards have learned to not hurl themselves into pits while using Blazing Lariat
* Fixed a few edge cases where Wallet of Vigor had ambiguous interractions with other items
* Fixed outline on dialog portrait for Jade the Jeweler
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Changelog for Update 1.031 (added 11 June 2018):

Quality of Life:
* Added Lock Controller Aim option that will lock the last aim position even when you return the analog stick to a neutral position

* Neve's Emerald now also lets you completely ignore hit stun and knockback when activated
* Greased Boots now lowers all cooldowns for dash arcana by 25% and adds an extra dash charge
* Evening Gloves now also adds 20% increase in attack speed for basic attacks
* Overpriced Insurance now heals you for 50% of your total gold instead of 25%
* Time that Atlas is vulnerable after he performs his signature increased 40%
* Freiya's Ice Lances adjusted to have a slightly wider spread
* Sales on items are now set to 10% discounts and can be stacked with the Relic/Arcana Rewards Card relics
* Sound effect for Chaotic Rift lowered slightly
* Master Sura's stun duration is now more aligned with that of the other bosses

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed issue with co-op dropping partner into pits on locked room activation
* Fixed issue with Boots of Frenzy and Circuit Line
* Disabled crits on invulnerable targets
* Disabled ability to pause during the end of floor summary and fixed a bug that allowed level generation with the wrong tileset
* Fixed a bug where Neve's relics could be activated without a full deck of applicable arcana
* Turned off loot drops for a few destructibles in Lanova Plaza and Home
* Fixed some errors in Japanese and Spanish localization
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Changelog for update 1.033 (added 19 June 2018):

- We're back with another patch and this time we've added a familiar NPC to Lanova Plaza that will help you randomize your runs through the Chaos Trials!
- Also, we've added French, German, and Russian language support to the game!

This update also includes a few minor tuning and quality of life changes:

- Obsidian Cascade: This arcana is now much more fluid to use and activates / exits roughly 20% quicker. The signature has also been tuned and is easier to aim, has a tighter spread, and throws 17 daggers instead of 15. The cooldown for this spell has been increased from 5.75 seconds to a flat 6 seconds.
- Tomi, Ward, and Mimi will now only speak to you once per scene before making their services available to you. This was mainly so you don't have to keep skipping through dialog when trying out various magical artifacts.
- Fixed a few minor bugs involving some unforeseen edge cases with a few of our relics.
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Changelog for Update 1.033B (added 04 July 2018):

Hey Everyone!

We're back with another patch and this time we've added a familiar NPC to Lanova Plaza that will help you randomize your runs through the Chaos Trials!
Also, we've added French, German, and Russian language support to the game!

This update also includes a few minor tuning and quality of life changes:

* Obsidian Cascade: This arcana is now much more fluid to use and activates / exits roughly 20% quicker. The signature has also been tuned and is easier to aim, has a tighter spread, and throws 17 daggers instead of 15. The cooldown for this spell has been increased from 5.75 seconds to a flat 6 seconds.
* Tomi, Ward, and Mimi will now only speak to you once per scene before making their services available to you. This was mainly so you don't have to keep skipping through dialog when trying out various magical artifacts.
* Fixed a few minor bugs involving some unforeseen edge cases with a few of our relics.

That's all for this time! Cheers!
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Changelog for Update 1.1 (added 20 March 2019):

Hey Everyone!

We’re happy to announce that the free Sky Palace update will be going live today! Please note that if the update does not immediately show up for you, try restarting your Galaxy client. You can verify that the update was applied by checking the version number in the corner of the titlescreen (should be v1.1).

Here’s a quick overview of what new things you can expect in the update:
* New Sky Palace stage
* Wind Sovereign Shuu joins the Magic Council
* Over 20 new arcana and 20 new signatures
* Endless Mode
* Over 35 new relics
* 3 new outfits
* New enemies
* And more!
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Changelog for Update 1.11 (added 05 April 2019):

Note: We’re working on the console patches for these changes and they will go live as soon as we can port them and get the patches approved.

Hey everyone! Here’s a quick rundown of changes in this patch which mainly consist of bug fixes related to the Sky Palace update. Thank you to everyone who let us know about the various issues they’ve encountered!

Bug Fixes
* Shearing Chain’s signature version can no longer be looped indefinitely
* Fixed a few arcana that were giving signature charge when using the signature version of the spell
* Better positioning logic added for Engulfing Fissure around pits and obstacles
* Fixed bug with Bouncing Bubble that prevented it from being held down while signature bar was full
* Added better wall detection on Gale-Force Alignment
* Fixed issue where Shock Nova’s effects could linger after getting interrupted
* Fixed issue with dashes where the skill would not execute but the cooldown would be initiated
* Fixed Frost Wing dash interaction with Magsphere
* Fixed bug that caused Wave Front to occasionally spawn a water explosion
* Fixed issue with Magician’s Hat stripping empowered status from Piercing Void
* Fixed issue with Magician’s Hat relic and certain arcana that grant shields
* Fixed issue with Resurrect Ring and Fall pausing regeneration
* Fixed bug with final boss and resurrection relics that would cause him to constantly cast spells
* Fixed Freiya’s infinite guard issue as well as other bugs with all bosses and enemies at high levels of endless runs
* Airborne zoner enemies can now properly path over pits
* Fixed Knights and Lancers using dash skills through root status
* Fixed issue where the enemies remaining indicator would sometimes show that there are more enemies remaining than possible
* Fixed issue with treasure chest rooms spawning more than once per floor
* Fixed small artifacting issue with the player’s run animation while signature was available
* Fixed issue where hats sometimes would not properly align with players in post boss PvP sequences
* Fixed some spelling and grammatical errors in item descriptions and dialog

* Tectonic Drill no longer can fling you into pits
* Hammer of Atlas’ initial spin speed increased
* Heroic Leap’s landing delay shortened to bring it in-line with other jumps
* Lowered SFX volume for Blurring Falconry
* Added missing SFX to mini drill projectiles
* Nocturne now tries to take unempowered arcana first
* Roller Blob enemies now speed up based on difficulty
* Increased speed of Stone Shot basic and you can now hold the button to complete the basic sequence
* Volt Disc basic range lowered by 1 unit
* Fleet Lancer now occasionally dashes in for a basic attack
* Lowered Raffle Ticket proc chance from 30% to 25%
* Lowered icicle visuals for Perfect Storm
* Lowered prices for basic and dash arcana
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Changelog for Update v1.12 (added 15 May 2019):

New in This Update
* Boss Rush mode now available via an NPC in Lanova Plaza (Requires completion of Chaos Trials)
* Hard mode is now available via an NPC in Lanova Plaza and the Insignia of Legend relic no longer activates hard mode
* 21 new relics added
* Various minor bug fixes

Quality of Life Changes
* Relics now show number values when applicable in the equip menu
* Insignia of Legend now makes Chaos arcana available for purchase during the Chaos Trials
* End of run summary screen updated to show the full player build
* Treasure chests now show an indicator icon in the minimap
* Doctor Song and Nocturne now prefer to take standard arcana before enhanced arcana when you request their services
* Increased chance to complete combination relics during the Chaos Trials
* Conga Drum Set cursed relic updated to make all players immune to exploding barrels
* Flashy Boots cursed relic updated to allow dash arcana to activate up to three times per charge
* Aegis Charge arcana has been reworked to be more effective overall
* Stone Shot (Basic) arcana activation speed increased
* Wind zone enemy visuals have been updated to look more like an enemy rather than a hazard
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Changelog Update v1.21 Bugfixes (17 May 2019)

*Fixed issue with relics not properly being cleared from inventory.
This fixes the following reported issues: Softlock with Pazu's Favorite Hat Adorable Mimic not properly clearing inventory on pickup Randomized runs that improperly show extra relics that should've been removed Critical Placebo effects not resetting on death Ressurect relics were all probably a bit wonky and now should be fixed

* Nox's cursed relics in Lanova Plaza should now properly reset if you visit the museum
* Fixed full health chime with Fall outfit
* Fixed relic icons incorrectly showing up as activated in the UI
* Fixed issue with Taffy not opening a red portal when defeated offscreen
* Health is now restored at beginning of Boss Rush mode so that any removed relics don't affect the run
*Fixed issue with Covert Ops Mask forcing zero crit chance
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Dev Commentary Update (v1.123) Change Log (2019-07-23)

We hope everyone is having a great summer! We're back with a small update that adds developer commentary and titlescreen artwork selection! We had a lot of fun adding commentary to the game and we hope that you enjoy the small behind the scenes look!

We've also included various fixes for a few bugs that have been reported since the last update. We'll keep an eye out for any issues that crop up with this update and get the patch onto consoles ASAP.

----------- New Features -----------

*Developer commentary!
*Choose "Developer" as language option to enable
*Recommended to start in the museum by talking to Veres
*English only
*Titlescreen artwork selection!
*Press left or right at titlescreen to choose.
*Must at least enter main menu to save selection.

----------- Quality of Life -----------

*Nocturne now always shows arcana selection and gives you a fully random set. Token still prevents him from taking an arcana.
*Exclamation emote added on Raffle Ticket to indicate free purchase.
* Mentis Imperium now negates projectiles.
* Conquerer's relics can now appear mid-run in stores.

----------- Bug Fixes -----------

* Fixed issue that could cause frozen bosses in Boss Rush mode.
*Fixed issue where Aegis Charge would disable some of the player's collision boxes.
*Casting circles from Zeal's skills should no longer bug out.
*Fixed some code that could cause misplaced objects in stages.
*Cartographer's Quill now properly updates damage on pick up.
*Cobalt Firestone damage should now scale properly without having to reqeuip it.
* Fixed Dagger of Midas bug that occurred when resetting the game with it in the inventory.
*Fixed buggy mouse hover and click behavior in options menu
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Changelog for Updates v1.2 & v1.21 (16 Janurary 2020):

Thundering Keep Update (v1.2)

Hey everyone! We're happy to present the free Thundering Keep update that should now be live on all platforms (PC/Mac/Linux, Switch, PS4, and Xbox)! We hope you enjoy the new content please let us know if you run into any issues via Twitter or Discord!
Thank you all for the continued support that made this update possible!

----------- Quick Overview -----------

New Lightning boss, stage, and enemies
Over 20 new arcana
Over 30 new relics
New signatures, outfits, and more!

----------- Change Log -----------

- 24 new arcana
- 6 new basic arcana
- 6 new dash arcana
- 12 new standard arcana
- 12 new signatures
- Minor adjustments to existing arcana (see below)

- 39 new relics
- Minor adjustments to existing relics (see below)

Quality of Life
- Outfit info now displayed in the equipment menu along with their stats
- Boss Rush cost changed from 25 to 10 gems
- Banker now takes your token and gives you a flat 20 gems in addition to the gold exchange
- Defense stat removed and replaced with appropriate stats such as armor or hp as it was causing too much confusion
- Versus Mode's Arena of Fury (Fire) now makes players do double damage instead of enhancing all spawned arcana

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an error where Freiya might bug out when her lances are destroyed before being thrown

Minor Arcana Adjustments
- Heroic Leap changed to always activate regardless of if an enemy was grabbed and cancel delay reduced
- Flame Strike changed to a charged basic skill that changes properties when fully charged
- All wards and seekers arcana are now classified as summon arcana
- Mentis Imperium changed to shoot an arrow that buffs affected enemy and mind controls them until they are defeated
- Frozen Bait now freezes enemies in the area when it lands
- Frost Feint now has an extra charge with lowered damage
- Phantom Brigade signature gain reduced and cooldown increased
- Ignition Dash cooldown reduced
- Voltaic Needle no longer throws you off ledges into pits
- Raging Inferno cooldown reduced
- Minion arcana spawn count normalized to 2 and starting hp normalized
- Shattering Strike stun amount increased
- All buff skills standardized, cooldowns now start at end of skill but all cooldowns reduced to compensate
- Wave Front Dash, Frost Wing cooldown slightly increased
- Heroic Blaze signature damage slightly lowered
- Bouncing Bubble initial charge changed from 5 to 4
- Rock-solid Tomahawk stun amount increased

Minor Relic Adjustments
- Chaos Visor moved to Offense and now also added projectile crit chance
- Chaos Scanner moved to Offense and now also slightly increases damage
- Evening Gloves changed to auto combo when holding the button down and gives extra signature charge when using basic attacks
- Raspberry Cookie Box effect increased from 30% to 50%
- Halved the damage down effects of Ebon Wolf’s Cloak
- Pop-up Primer no longer has a negative max HP penalty on summoned minions
- Mystic Monopole changed to decrease knockback instead of increase knockback
- Berserker’s Axe damage increase changed from 20% to 15%
- Singing Bowl crit effect no longer activates when you use a basic
- Hyperbolic Train signature gain changed from 30% to 25%
- Thesis on Defense now increases armor instead of defense
- Chaotic Pendulum’s enemy CD reduction changed from 75% to 25%
- Jumper Cables effect changed to reduced cooldown on all movement arcana
- Elven Ears effect changed to lower the chance of being afflicted by all status effects
- Dice of the Nemesis changed to add a flat 300 damage to what you would have done instead of forcing 300 crit to accomodate for high damage builds
- Cassim’s Airy Cloak cooldown reduced and active duration lowered
- Sano's Headband moved to Defense
- Demi's Teapot moved to Misc

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Thundering Keep Hotfix Patch (v1.21)

These are a few minor bugfixes that will be addressed on the console versions ASAP.
- Fixed issue with locked camera in boss rush mode
- Added Thundering Keep, Freiya, Zeal, and Atlas backgrounds to titlescreen

Thank you again for all the support you’ve shown so far for Wizard of Legend!
-Contingent99 Team

Standalone installers updated (v1.123_2 ⇒ v1.21): 17 January 2020.
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Changelog for Thundering Keep Bugfix Patch (v1.211) (21 January 2020):

Thank you everyone for the bug reports, it has been a great help in quickly identifying issues! These bugfixes and changes are now live on the Steam version and will be rolled out to GOG, Game Pass, and console versions ASAP.

- Resolved issue where players could get stuck when using hold projectiles like Bouncing Surge
- Absolute Finale no longer bugs enemies when it hits a wall and an enemy at the same time
- Fixed bug which allowed looping signature version of Fading Petal
- Fixed bug when using Chaos Reaper with Evening Gloves and Crono Glove
- Fixed issue with Venture cloak not unlocking properly when defeating certain bosses
- Added missing SFX for various new enemies
- Fixed bug caused by the Grand Summoner in higher difficulties
- Fixed mouse hover issues in the options menu
- Fixed issue with Zoning enemies not properly freezing
- Mentis Imperium no longer applies charm on the player when reflected
- Added missing price for the Water Cushion relic
- Fixed edge case where victory screen could improperly show up in co-op
- Fixed various arcana descriptions including Ice Seeker Enhanced text
- Unlock notices (!) are now properly cleared when game data is cleared
- Fixed alignment for some new paintings
- Adjusted camera lock behavior to be less restrictive
- Other various minor bugfixes

Standalone installers updated 23 & 27 January 2020: v1.21 ⇒ v1.211 ⇒ v1.211a.
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Changelog for 2nd Anniversary Update (v1.22) (15 May 2020):

Hey everyone, today marks the 2nd year anniversary of Wizard of Legend's release! To celebrate, we have a smaller update that adds various relics, arcana, and a highly requested NPC! Please let us know if you run into any issues or bugs with the new update. Thank you everyone for all the support, we could not have done this without all of you! Note: The console patches are pending approval and will go live ASAP!

New Features
- New NPC added at home that will allow you to save up to 3 custom loadouts
- Run history added at home which records the best runs for the Chaos Trials, Boss Rush, and Endless Mode (walk up to and face new shelf on right hallway)
- Party Chests added which spawn at a low chance and include predefined sets of relics and arcana
- Added relic and arcana vendors before the final boss along with a short run up encounter
- Following relics received headgear visuals: Chaos Visor, Shark Mask, Elven Ears, Jade's Tiara, Berserk's Helm, Gilded Helm, Graduation Cap
- 14 new standard arcana, including 4 new standard chaos arcana
- 12 new cursed relics
- 2 new combine relics

- Enemies in the Chaos PvP Arena now level up with time
- Disabled the ability to evade while hurt
- Lowered Cyclops laser duration when player is hit
- Summoner enemies now have a longer cooldown on their minion revive ability
- Added an area of effect indicator to the Thunder Zoner enemies

Quality of Life
- Boss Rush mode now also unlocks Chaos Arcana
- Loadout NPC added to Versus mode
- All stores now offer 1 more item in the line up. Health Potions in the relic store moved to the side to accommodate for the change
- Savile now takes less HP when upgrading your outfit during runs
- Chaos Arcana have a chance of appearing in the arcana store starting from loop 3 and above
- Various price adjustments

Relic Adjustments
- Bewitching Glue now lowers player's movespeed and increases their stun duration when hurt
- Ebon Wolf's Cloak now lowers your damage for anything other than fire and lightning arcana instead of increasing your damage received.
- Megalodon Tooth now adds a chance to not expend your signature charge when used
- Shark Mask now causes signature arcana to take longer to charge but always results in a critical hit
- Armor of Resolve now grants a bit more armor when activated
- Whimsical Explodium's chance to activate increased greatly and the radius of effect slightly lowered
- Special Snowflake's chance to activate increased greatly
- Elven Ear's chance to resist status effects increased
- Greased Boots now enhances your dash arcana and lowers its cooldown
- Bach's Escape Key changed to resist death. Each subsequent chance is reduced on successful attempts
- Hardcover Textbook increases HP of summoned minions instead of adding an extra minion
- Soccer Cleats adds slightly more damage to movement arcana
- Jumper Cables now significantly reduces more cooldowns on movement arcana
- Yuna's Storybook now significantly increases the duration of minion summon time
- Adorable Mimic now counts itself in calculations

Arcana Adjustments
- Gust volley shot speed increased
- Severing Slash now works properly with Flak Gauntlets
- Earth Stomp Agent now has less delay during their jump
- Ion Spike's enhanced version now spawns a trio of extra orbs
- Vortex Dash now places a trap where you land that pushes enemies to where your dash originated

- Fixed issue where minimap could disappear in certain situations
- Fixed issue in co-op where one player could affect the other player's equipment or outfit menu
- Fixed edge case with Abhorrent Deck that occurred when no arcana had been unlocked

Standalone installers updated (v1.211a ⇒ v1.22a): 18 May 2020.
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Wizard of Legend: Phantom Update (v1.23)
Posted: Wed, July 28, 2021 @ 12:00 AM CEST
Arcana Booster Pack!
Hey Everyone!

We're back with a new update which adds a plethora of arcana and relics along with various quality of life
improvements and rebalancing. With this update, Tomi is finally satiated and will no longer be able to hold
any new arcana. We've also added a new relic grouping system that will merge similar relics together into
a collection so that you can save on inventory space. There are too many changes to mention here, but below
is a quick overview of what you can expect:

   o 16 new arcana (2 for each base element, 6 chaos)
   o 12 new signatures (2 for each base element, 2 chaos)
   o UI markers for arcana and relic types
   o Doubled loadout slots with Cammy
   o 11 new relics with new grouping system
   o 2 new combine relics
   o 4 new cursed relics
   o Readjustment and balancing of relics and arcana


You can find a more info on the change log!
or directly below:


Further Details:

   o Doubled loadout slots with Cammy
   o Nox now offers 5 cursed relics
   o Nocturne now grants 2 empowered arcana for the cost of 1
   o Dr. Song now offers a discounted potion
   o The Token of Triumph now lets you easily defeat Taffy but is then destroyed

   o 16 new arcana (2 for each base element, 6 chaos)
   o 12 new signatures (2 for each base element, 2 chaos)
   o Added signatures to the following existing arcana
         - Raging Inferno
         - Crashing Meteor
         - Airborne Slam
         - Razor Petals
         - Earthquake Axe
         - Deferred Dynamo
         - Crystalline Balestra
         - Gravity Onslaught
   o Replaced Vortex Trap (Dash) with Wind Salvo (Dash)
   o Replaced Snare Track (Dash) with Tunneling Drive (Dash)
   o Burn Cycle reworked to resemble Empress Zeal's kick combo
   o Blazing Vault now has a fire trail that pushes enemies forward during the jump
   o Searing Crown's effect remains for a few seconds even when it is dash canceled
   o Crashing Meteor's enhanced version drops meteorites to help lock enemies down earlier
   o Engulfing Fissure now spawns multiple fissures at once instead of one at a time
   o Air Burst (Dash) changed to be more inline with the other dashes
   o Shattering Strike changed to deal consistent damage in an area
   o Hammer of Atlas's enhanced version now spins faster and longer
   o Lightning Aspect now buffs your final basic attack
   o Bolt Claymore's enhanced version does more damage and affects a larger area
   o Thundering Chain's enhanced version deals more damage
   o Shock Wire's enhanced version now summons two additional lines
   o Earthquake Axe now has an additional bounce impact
   o Absolute Finale reworked to continue in a line
   o Gravity onslaught animation slightly adjusted
   o Other minor changes and tuning were done for a majority of arcana

   o New grouping system added for holding similar relics in a single slot
   o 2 new set relics
   o 7 new cursed relics
   o The following relics were reworked or balanced
         - Idealist's Mirror
         - Idealist's Vest
         - Gloves of Patience
         - Claws of Tomo
         - Autograph Pad
         - Super Carrot Cake
         - Jewelry Box
         - Prismatic Vambrace
         - Elven Ears
         - Ella's Glass Kite
         - Mobius Quill
         - Curse Eater's Watch
         - Evening Gloves
         - Insignia of Legend
         - Flashy Boots
         - Titan's Equilibrium
         - Pie of Five Fruits
         - Nox's Cloak
   o Added visual effects for players who activate any Neve's relic

Quality of Life
   o Added icons to indicate arcana classification in the equip menu and Tomi
   o Added icons to indicate relic classification in the equip menu
   o Icons for relics and arcana now are always displayed over terrain, players, and enemies
   o Chaos arcana can now start showing up in stores starting from the first loop
   o Spike hazard sprites changed to be more clear and distinct
   o Slightly lowered the chance of generating a pit
   o Removed the destructible trees from Earth Lord Atlas' boss arena

   o Cammy no longer removes cursed relics you obtained from Lanova Plaza
   o Fixed a bug with Jade's Tiara
   o Fixed an animation bug with Chaotic Echos when using a keyboard
   o Fixed a bug where Player 2's active item bar can get desynced
   o Elemental treasure chests no longer are affected by status effects like burn and poison

   o Store prices rebalanced
   o Outfits retuned
   o Outfits are no longer locked to Hope and Patience in Versus Mode
   o Removed health crystal from mid Final Boss fight but doubled the one at the start
   o Added new title screen image
   o Added 3 new sets to the Party Box
   o Added ability to emote by holding down Right Trigger or right CTRL
   o Added a few more variations to the Party Box treasure chest


Summer Games Done Quick

Also, for those of you that missed it, Wizard of Legend was featured in a segment during the latest
Summer Games Done Quick! You can check out a VOD of the run here (spoiler warning):

YouTube Video: Wizard of Legend by spacebrojakob in 10:02 - Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online
Views: 24,996
Runner introduction starts at 0:00 Run starts at 3:15 Char_bunny is host This speedrun was recorded
during Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online, a week long charity speedrun marathon raising money for...

That's all for today! Thank you again for all the support you’ve shown for Wizard of Legend!

-Contingent99 Team

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Offline installer (GOG - GNU/Linux): 1.22a (38305) => 1.23 (48839) on 28. July 2021;
                                                    win:                              1.23 (48816) on 28. July 2021;
                                                   mac: 1.22a (38304) => 1.23 (48816) on 30. July 2021.
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JMB - PS concerning 'Wizard of Legend: Phantom Update (v1.23)':
         As 'quality of life' was given in the changelog I hoped my bug report got some caring concerning controller support:
            1) Aiming direction should be kept when releasing the stick (it automatically resets diagonal to 90° directions
                [i.e. to vertical/horizontal] - whereas with keyboard and mouse [KBM] direction is kept!).
            2) Controller would be much more comfortable if right stick [RS] is used for aiming (twin-stick shooter controls) at least
                as an option - using bumpers [LB/RB] & triggers [LT/RT] instead of buttons.
            3) It could be even a real twin-stick shooter when aiming with RS automatically uses the basic arcana (without cooldown) -
                so one can react intuitively (suitable for a fast action title like this game!).
         These three points (1 even asked by gamers in an early state of the game and a necessity, 2 and 3 just as additional options)
         would be real quality of life - and necessary to make the controller effective at aiming and thus make local coop enjoyable.
         Another nice thing would be an easy mode so one can play through it as casual gamer - giving full health after a bossfight and
         maybe increased maximum health.
         Personally if those two fields - decent controller support and an easy mode - would be addressed, it could be a five star game -
         currently it is 3 stars at max if using a controller - which is necessary for co-operation mode.
         So after thouroughly testing the new version in two player mode with two Logitech F310 controllers, it is no real step forward:
         The new update did not solve some basic problems we had with the game.
         It just gave us some new toys to play around with.

I will inform the developers and in case of an answer or some details, I will put it below.
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