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Changelog from Steam:

Regular Update
Mon, June 27
Wingspan: European Expansion - Patch June 27th


Here it is - a regular patch for Wingspan: European Expansion just dropped!


A bunch of others between that you can find at the above link but the latest one is:

Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted Wed, November 30
Hotfix - November 30

Fixed skipping birds' powers after activating Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Anna’s Hummingbird, birds with “Steal food” power, and other similar birds
Game performance fixes


Patch- December 8th
Hiya Birders!

A new patch is here and ready to download. Below you'll find a changelog:

New project announcement added to the shop
Fixed frequent game refreshing while previewing other players in online games
Fixed an additional turn at the end of the round
Fixed starting EE tutorial from the “End-of-round powers” segment


Patch - December 14th
Hello Birders!

The new patch is now available for download. It introduces one fix:

Fixed errors in online games happening at larger player counts.

--- [missed several patches, see link for details]

Hello Birders,

As we prepare Wingspan: Oceania Expansion, we are making changes and improvements in the flow and functionalities of the currently available base version and European Expansion. We want them to be as well-prepared as possible for the new expansion and work well with it. Below you'll find a list of the UI/UX changes and bug fixes we've introduced with today's patch. More coming soon!

New information panels when brown powers do not meet the criteria for activation;
Birds that players can use during power activation are highlighted;
Changed Brant activation flow;
Changed rolling dice outside of birdfeeder action - only matching dice are highlighted;
Improved rolling dice in birdfeeder action in bird powers - removed one decision panel, food indicators replaced by food dice;
Players can see opponents' face-down cards in hand;
Better animation for birds that the player can play on top of other birds;
Food and eggs indicators grayed out or highlighted accordingly during gaining or discarding resources.

Bug fixes:

Fixed undoing bird powers in a habitat that has a bird played on two slots;
Fixed AI issues when the player quits to the menu during AI calculating its turn;
Fixed bird highlighting in Bird Atlas and tray;
Fixed displaying goal summary panel in archived games;
Fixed displaying the "Next" button in games with Automa;
Fixed AI issues while playing second bird in the grassland habitat;
Fixed disappearing feather animation for brown power activation after switching back from the opponent’s board view;
Minor localization fixes;
Changes in the counting of played birds (possible fix for the Ecologist bonus card problem).

PS There is also a Ramadan background available from today until April 20! Feel free to play on it and find its hidden interactions! We wish everyone celebrating this holiday all the best!


Hotfix - March 24th
Due to your reports after the latest patch, we decided to publish a hotfix, which should crack down on some of the game's most pressing issues. Below you'll find the list of changes.

Bug fixes:

Fixed problem with opponent's cards;
Fixed crashes on iOS due to assets unloading;
Fixed problems with exceptions on card-tucking powers;
Fix for the player being unable to tuck cards under birds after undoing Common Chiffchaff power.


Wingspan Patch - May 11th
We're back with quite a big patch introducing fixes for recently reported issues. Check out the changes below:

Release notes:

Stability improvements;
The bell notification's added to all pink powers activation and other interactions in online matches;

Bug fixes:

Fixed multiplayer game causing visual issues in singleplayer;
Fixed incorrect bird icons displaying during some power activations;
Fixed visual bug in Black-headed Gull's decision panel;
Fixed birds being played in incorrect habitat after switching back from the opponent’s view;
Fixed inability to discard eggs after switching back from the opponent’s board view;
Fixed issues during the undoing of a combination of birds' powers;
Fixed pop-ups blocking gameplay when starting a turn or after switching games;
Fixed empty dice slots appearing before rerolling the birdfeeder when activating European Honey Buzzard's power;
Fixed dice re-roll button not always working;
Fixed card icons not graying out properly when activating Red Knot's power;
Fixed Automa triggering player's pink powers in incorrect order;
Fixed Hummingbirds' powers messing with the player's turn counter display;
Fixed American Oystercatcher triggering the "Build Two Birds with One Stone" achievement;
Minor text and localization fixes
Fixed Steam notifications not appearing for the creator of an online game;
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