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As the title says, is there a setting or something to get the correct ratio in the Amiga version of Wings? I have aspect ratio correction forced in my GPU settings as always, but the game looks like it's stretched to a 16:10 ratio on my 16:9 monitor and i'm assuming the original didn't look like that.

Much thanks for answers.
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It's the emulator not taking into account that the game used a non-square pixel mode. =(
I'm also interested in whether there's an option before I buy.
The game was so cheap I don't know if I really have the right to be, but I'm still a bit disappointed in the lack of graphical options in the baked-in emulator. Specifically there is no way to change the scaling mode (nearest-neighbor, greatest pixel-perfect scaling etc.), so I'm stuck with this horribly blurry bilinear filtered image. Looks pretty bleh.

There is no aspect ratio correction either but I don't know if that's an issue here or what was intended. At least everything that looks like it should be round (crosshairs, logos) is round when using square pixels.
I have not used an Amiga 500 in about 15 years, but having tried running the game as released on GOG while forcing aspect ratio scaling on the GPU and it looks alright to me. It shouldn't be strictly 4:3. You must remember the Amiga is from an era without obvious native screen resolutions. An Amiga user might thrown down ~300USD (in the late 1980's) on a purpose built 13" monitor or plug it into the family CRT TV. Game developers had to account for both, though I think most expected a majority of gamers to blow their games up on their TVs.

Still, I too wish the emulator had some different settings for when you want to emulate the look of a 13" computer monitor instead of just the fuzzy blown up TV look.