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Hi to everyone.

I just wanted to post some results of comparing:
- GOG setup_wings_remastered_2.1.0.2.exe vs.
- STEAM current version (installed today, as posted in subject),
regarding the (missing) voice over of the ingame journal.

As it stands the two versions are totally different - despite the same version numbers in options menu.

GOG's Wings_Data folder: total size 779 MB (817.171.705 Bytes), 126 files, 10 folders
STEAM's Wings_Data folder: 888 MB (931.469.251 Bytes), 131 files, 10 folders

Most of all, the (main storage?) file resources.assets difference:
GOG version: 225 MB (236.538.900 Bytes),
STEAM version: 297 MB (312.189.548 Bytes).

Nearly all other *.assets file are different in size and name too, but this could be due to different compiling etc.

I also looked for differences in the Config.xml file, there are (almost) none, so the voice acting differences are definitely file-based.

The problem about simple file replacing / upload etc.: Both versions are (of course...) totally incompatible towards each other:
- I tried to replace the above mentioned GOG-file (and some others linked to it) with Steam's file - GOG's Wings.exe would only start with an error exception.
- I tried to replace all GOG-files with Steam's files - GOG's Wings.exe has started with two error exceptions...

To summarize: The current GOG-version has NO voice acting, the STEAM version has it. Unfortunately you can't simply replace/add the files to make it work.
Possible Reasons: Only GOG knows why it's not included (anymore as it seems reading some comment on the shop page).

Conclusion: If you want voice acting in Wings then you have to buy the STEAM version...

I hope this clears matters a bit for us Wings veterans.