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Okay, two quick questions if somebody can answer:

1. Any way to take screenshots? Since I'm using Win95 instead of DOSbox where I could just CTRL+ F5, GOG Galaxy overaly isn't working nor is Nvidia Shadowplay (though given how old it is, I'm not surprised). Doesn't seem like the game has any built in screenshot system and even considering the prtscn, the game is 24/7 fullscreen so I can't alt+tab out of it anyway. Anybody got suggestions?

2. Is there any way to configure my joystick buttons so they do keyboard actions? I was able to do it for WC3 with DOSbox config so I had a mix of mouse + joystick, but WC4 while reading my joystick movement and pressing the trigger to fire guns, doesn't seem to do anything else. It'd just be nice to be able to switch guns/missiles on the fly without needing to tap a key I guess.
1. Press Windows Key + Print Screen