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I'm using patched Gog version of wc4dvd.exe from wcnews (to avoid VirtualProtect error) under Linux wine.

I've seen one post where a solution was to use Alt-O to change the mouse settings.

Well, that doesn't work in my case because I cannot even bring down the cursor to click anything when Alt-O configuration screen comes up. The same with menu choices. No way to get close to the menu items.

Question: Is there any equivalent key to navigate the configuration or menus? I tried arrow keys but all they do is move the cursor. it moves from left to right, but when I either move the mouse downward or press the down arrow key (including numeric pad arrow key), the cursor moves down a few pixels, then go back up to the edge. Tab key doesn't seem to do anything.

If not, any way to hack the configuration file? wc4.cfg looks like a binary file and I think the setting is somewhere there.
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