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Hello all,

This game worked fine on my Win 7 64bit desktop, but I only played the first mission. Now that I'm at college I figured I try and beat the game on my Win 8.1 64bit laptop. The problem is that I get a wonderful black screen the moment I hit the .exe. I can heard what sounds like the intro video playing but the screen is black. If I click on the mouse or press ESC, nothing happens.

I have to use the task manager to exit out of the game.

What I've tried:
-All the compatibility modes
-Downloading and installing AC3 Codec from another thread on this site
-Downloading and installing the WC4DVDFix.exe patch also posted on this site

None of these have changed ANYTHING. I still get a black screen with audio. That's it.

I'm starting to get upset because other people have been having issues too. What's the deal GoG? Your whole selling point is install and play. I've installed, but I'm not playing.

Thanks for any help you all can give.
FIXED the issue.

In case anyone else is having problems, this is what I did.

I went to the CIC website and downloaded their patch:


This didn't fix the issue, but I then went to the NVIDIA Control panel and set my graphics processor as "Integrated graphics."

This fixed the issue. Videos played perfectly and the game ran just fine in space flight. I don't know if it was a combination of these two settings that fixed the problem or not, but doing both DID fix the issue.