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Can anyone help me locate a profile for WC3? I've been having a difficult time mapping the joystick the way I want (I can't get the throttle or hat to work at all), and I don't want to have to default to using this as a 2-button stick... Also, when I tried to launch the game with a test profile, Dosbox just quit to a DOS prompt. I'm not sure what I'm doing, and I really would like to get this one going again (along with WC1 & 2)

Thanks for any help,

Was having similar problems yesterday until I went to

Run the auto detect for your device and download the software. You should install the Logitech Gamer Profiler...this allows easy mapping to keys.

Let me know if you are struggling once downloaded. Worked like a treat for me.
Thank you for the reply! I dl'd the profiler and tried to start using it- I guess I DO have a few questions (sorry I'm such a noob). a) I'm not sure what exe to link to- when I tried to link to the shortcut DOSbox crashed to a DOS prompt. Also, when I tried to configure the hat switch, the throttle, and the stick twist, it wouldn't let me choose key commands... any help would be appreciated!

Load the Logitech Profiler, icon should be in your system tray now.

Assign the buttons what you want them to do from the keyboard. Eg. Button 1 to work as ENTER to fire missiles etc.

Go to options and global profiler setteings and apply persistent settings.

Should now work in game. You might need to press ALT+J to activate in flight mode.
You rock, good sir- My Logitech is set and I owe it all to you!

No problem.
mozzington: Go to options and global profiler setteings and apply persistent settings.
Apply them to what? Whenever I go to Options and try to apply persistent settings, it wants me to select a profile from the dropdown. I am having the same problem as the OP in that I cannot build a profile for any of the WC dosbox games from GOG because I cannot properly link an executable. When I browse to the executable path while setting up the WC profile for the first time, what executable am I supposed to select? If I select the shortcut that installs by default, DOSBox won' open the program and just defaults to a Z> prompt.

The OP seems to have successfully understood your advice and fixed the issue, but I am apparently not as sharp as he is. I haven't used a joystick since Mechwarrior back in the 90's and I feel like an utter noob, but I am lost here.

The GOG shortcut to the WC executable seems to have additional lines of information attached, presumably to allow dosbox to automatically configure for the game as it loads, but the Logitech Profiler seems to choke up when I select that shortcut as its default executable path. This problem isn't WC specific, as I seem to be having it when trying to create ANY profile in Logitech Profiler that uses a GOG 'proprietary' shortcut to a game requiring DOSBox. So I don't seem to be able to build a profile for Strike Commander either, for example.

What am I not understanding about this? :(