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I have a Logitech MX Keys keyboard. Playing Privateer, I can't get the throttle up. Neither the + or \ key seem to work. Also the Tarsus MFD changes using the ] key instead of the [ key. This behavior doesn't happen on my office computer. Where should I start troubleshooting what might be wrong?

- I've already re-checked that I'm using a US layout in Windows 11.
- I checked the Logitech software and made sure it was set to act like a regular 104 key keyboard (F1-F12 are set for the function keys).
- I tried changing dosboxPRIV.conf "keyboardlayout=auto" to "keyboardlayout=us"
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Huh. I've experimented with DOSBox's Mapper and the layout of the right side of the keyboard is completely different. It's still QWERTY, but the [,],\,=,' keys are different or nonexistent. I've experimented by changing the layout to US international and UK, but it doesn't change the weird input of these keys.

Is this a known thing to do with specific Logitech keyboards or Mac compatible keyboards?