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Maybe you guys can help me with this. In WC 1 and 2, when there are many ships on the screen, or when a ship flies close, the game slows down signifcantly. I especially noticed this in WC 2 in the mission where Shadow and Blair escort the broadswords.

I figure it must have something to do with the DosBox settings. Increasing the cycles doesn't fix it. Any ideas?

My system specs are:

Windows 7 64 Bit Professional
Intel Core I502320 CPU @ 3.00 GHZ
AMD Radeon HD 6700

The system is good enough to run Elite: Dangerous on maximus settings as smooth as glass.

I'd love any help anyone can give. I'd really like to enjoy WC 1 and 2 again, but this pretty much kills the playing experience.
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Relevant to Wing Commander:

These games didn't run at 60 fps like today :)