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This is rather frustrating, but I'm near the endgame and I'm unable to progress because of my keyboard layout.

Without spoiling too much, I'm accessing a certain mainframe monitor that requires me to type in "file_list" in order to progress. The problem is, I'm using a Japanese keyboard layout, and the in-game keyboard doesn't seem to map to it very well. No matter how much I hunt around and try to find a key that will output an underscore, nothing happens.

I literally cannot progress because of a keyboard localization >_< Does anybody have any kind of advice on how to overcome this?
No posts in this topic were marked as the solution yet. If you can help, add your reply perhaps the quickest turnaround ever, I solved my own problem.

For those who come after me, the solution was to run the game in windowed mode and activate a US keyboard map in OS settings. Make sure you select the US layout while you have the game window highlighted and you can input an underscore normally.