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Changelog for Patch 1.0.4 (added 01 March 2018):

* Fixed some achievement-related issues in the Windows & Mac versions of the game.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.5 (added 16 March 2018):

* fixed a number of minor/major bugs, including the problems with camera control, some missing voice lines, and similar things.
* improved performance across the board, fixed a number of reported bugs, and improves the game end experience.
* fixed some minor issues like typos, localization fixes, problems with train travel, and not being able to launch the Credits from the main menu.
* recategorized some stories that were confusing folks, and added extra keybinds to make playing with mouse/keyboard easier.
* zoom is now controlled by the mouse wheel instead of mouse movement.
* added sliders to control UI SFX, Music, and Voice separately

New features:
* The items in your inventory that you collect as mementos of talking to characters can now be used to return to the place that you first met those characters. For instance, Ray's rib-bone flute will transport you to near Denver, Quinn's bandana to outside Boston.
* Secondly, once you're past halfway in the game (once you've either finished half the characters or gotten halfway through all the characters) the fast travel options in the cities will travel substantially farther distances, and hopefully enable you to reach far-flung places more easily than in the past.
* There is a Next Track control now - press right on the d-pad (or N on keyboard) to start the next regional music track playing.
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Changelog for Patch 1.3 (added 11 April 2018):

* Today I'm putting in a change that will hopefully smooth out the story distribution. Instead of having all of the stories in a spot show up right away, some of them will only appear once you're further along the main task.

* This will mean that visiting places you've already been will be more interesting, and that you won't get more stories than you know what to do with early on.
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Changelog for Patch 1.4 (added 05 June 2018):

* We've released some new stories by some new writers! In the latest update you'll find 15 new vignettes scattered around the country, ranging from the terrifying to the disgusting to the hilarious. All of them are voiced once again by the talented Keythe Farley.
* In addition, we've fixed a few bugs, and added an autowalk mode - Press the F key on keyboard, or the right bumper on controller to walk steadily forward without needing to hold the key or stick.