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Changelog of WHAT THE GOLF?

Just some selected old News - see full current info on Steam.


Crowdfunding on
Type: News
Posted: Mon, February 19, 2018 @ 2:37 PM CET

Golf here => WHAT THE GOLF? on
Yes it's true, right now we are running a crowdfunding campaign on
Drop by and have a looksie or hang with the non-golfers.

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YAY! We reached our crowdfunding goal
Type: News
Posted: Tue, February 27, 2018 @ 3:18 PM CET

To celebrate we made two extra playable levels in our downloadable prototype.
It’s a tribute too SUPERHOT and Clustertruck. Two of our all-time indie game favorites.

We give you SUPERPUTT and Clusterputt!

All games are golf games:)

Thanks for all the support.
We <Emoji of Golfplayer> you.

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IT'S SNOWTIME Update is finally here
Type: Major Update
Posted: Wed, December 23, 2020 @ 10:00 AM CET

Is your favorite ski resort closed?
It's all going to be OK, because your IT'S SNOWTIME! Update is finally here.
Complete with snowpals, moose, cars, ice cubes and pizza of course. We even added snow to make it look like golf.

We hope you enjoy the new levels

Happy Holiday from Triband
<Lots of Emojis here>

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A HOLE NEW WORLD is upon us
New campaign coming to Steam (may contain holes)
Type: Major Update
Posted: Fri, September 3, 2021 @ 7:01 PM CEST


A HOLE NEW WORLD Update is now available on Steam!

   o New levels that still aren’t golf
   o Holes are appearing everywhere! Where do they lead?
   o Hotdog cannons! What's not to love?

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Brand new Daily Course mode!
Type: Major Update
Posted: Fri, March 4, 2022 @ 7:06 PM CET

Wanna do traffic Tuesday?
Or Horse Thursday?
Or maybe you are more into Movies Saturday?

Then play our DAYlicious Update

Note: We are offering a 66% discount this week-end only. After this, our heart will go on ...

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Released on GOG
on 01. April 2022

No announcement ... not that suitable for an April's joke ...


General Resources:
   o Webpage of What the Golf (i.e. the game ;)
   o Webpage of Triband (i.e. Devs & Publisher)
   o Discord Invitation (e.g. Info & Bug Reporting)

GOG Offline Installer (05.04.2022 17:35 CET):
   o Lin:   15.0.1-2022.3.29 17:40 (release 15.x.6fc45c5f73) (54755)
   o Win: 15.0.1-2022.3.29 17:42 (release 15.x.6fc45c5f73) (54710)
   o Mac: 15.0.1-2022.3.29 17:52 (release 15.x.6fc45c5f73) (54711)
# Using Unity 2020.3.18f1 (pure 64 Bit) [info from GNU/Linux version of the game]
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