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Hey everyone

Wanted to mention that figuring out how to visit all of the stars in the allotted time is one of the puzzles in Weird Worlds.
It can be done, and you'll usually be able to do it once you know how.
There are not one, not two, but SIX different ways to travel from place to place on the Weird Worlds star map.

1. Regular stardrives - standard lightspeed movement rates but slowed considerably by nebulas
2. Nebular drives - standard lightspeed movement rates and not slowed by nebulas
3. Hyperdrive - "teleport" to any star on the map instantly (long recharge time)
4. Folding space* - "teleport" to close stars instantly (short recharge time)
5. Transposition** - player flotilla in one star system and an alien flotilla in another are instantly exchanged
6. Black holes*** - enter a black hole and reemerge from a different one - instantaneous movement but can cause damage

* special ally required: Zorg Helmsman
** special item required: Aethric Mirror
*** special item required: Antigraviton Shunt
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