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As the title says - What is the Definitive Edition all about? What makes it different to the standard edition?

Normally I would expect to see something extra ... DLCs, Soundtrack, Artbook, etc.
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Well, definitive doesn't mean "improved" or "extended". It means, well, final and conclusive, the officially endorsed official thing, or, in the sense of stories, "canonical".

So I suppose you could say, this edition of Weird West is *certainly* the game Weird West. :)

It could also be a way of saying "we have no plans to release additional content, if we do a Director's Cut version we're not really sure what we'd change, and there's no cut content to restore or unfinished business..."

Of course, a cynic might also suggest that it could, possibly be a word that sounded good to the marketing department, devoid of meaning.