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Yet another game with broken achievements on GOG?
Playing through Galaxy, but in-game I selected offline mode as constant-tracking of my game-performance would cost CPU. Amazing experience overall, but weird... played more than 5 hours - still no achievements. looked up the list and yes - definitely should have unlocked several of the most common ones. I don't know if this is Galaxy problem or game problem, but its annoying. I suspect Galaxy problem, since so many other games had achievement unlock issues :( very sad when this story repeats again and again.
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Made those chievos work. Things that did not work:
* Created a rule for WeirdWest.exe communicate through the Windows firewall
* Marked the same .exe to be run as admin
* Enabled Online mode in-game
One of subsequent things did work though:
* Deleted gameplay.db
* Connected a different XboX controller (I remember reading somewhere regarding another game on GOG that XboX controller was blocking achievements, i did not test thia hypothesis for that other game though)
So, pretty sure the controller was a culprit. Weid... certainly.