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From Steam Changelog page:
Hey folks!

Here is the update list for Webbed hotfix v1.02:

Fixed a crash when talking to Mark after entering the Ant hill through the beetle entrance and finishing the Mech-Ant.
Fixed a crash when going back to retrieve a half finished Mech-Ant leg.
Fixed web preview setting not saving.
Added an emergency exit sign to assist people finding their way out of the ant nest.
Prevented some potential soft-locks:
If you close the door behind yourself after entering the skate park from the bee zone.
If you get stuck in a corner in the propellant pipeworks
If you drop a pipe down into machinery in the propellant pipeworks
If you get stuck between 2 doors in the power station.
If you are locked on the wrong side of the door to the boyfriend.
If you drop some objects to a lower section of the water tank.
If a web got stuck under a particular piston.

Prevented hoses from getting stuck inside Mech-Ant
Made hose connections more stable.

Thank you everyone for your support and for helping to find bugs!
We’re still working hard to address peoples’ concerns and will have more updates soon :)

Happy Webbing!

-Sbug Games
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