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I'm posting this in case someone else got this problem.

I'm playing under Linux, I have just upgraded the game from version to version and the game can't find may saves anymore.

Since Linux filesytems are usually case-sensitive, I checked if the problem was in the name of the folder containing the configuration files. I found two folders with a similar name:

- new folder "WeAreTheDwarves"
- old folder "WearetheDwarves"

To fix the problem I renamed the old folder with the correct camel case notation "WeAreTheDwarves". After this change the saves became visible again.

A last detail is caused probably by the fact the old saves are not compatible with the new maps. In the main menu, clicking on "Continue" freezed the game and i needed to kill it. Instead Loading a specific save, gave me an option to restart the level and i could continue losing only a small amount of time.