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high rated
Hello, friends!
We’re glad to see you here! We are the Dwarves is finally available for Gog users and that’s really great!
In this topic you can ask us any questions, express your opinions about We are the Dwarves and share your gaming experience!
Don’t be afraid or shy to write what you think ;)
Good to see a Developer interested in the "players" and how the game fares.

Welcome to GOG.

( Just bought it. )
Developer interest and presence is always appreciated.

Welcome to GOG!
Thanks:) Nice to meet you:)

Thank you for asking for feedback, and even more for releasing the game on Linux.

While the game looks very appealing and the "stone universe" is a refreshing, unspent concept, most reviews on the net criticize the extreme (i.e. insane) difficulty and the resulting frustration about dying many times without learning what you actually did wrong – or could do better the next time.

Are you aware of this criticism and do you plan to adress it somehow, maybe by adding selectable difficulty levels, or lower the overall difficulty? (rasing the dwarves' toughness, lowering the enemy's damage, numbers, and/or awareness etc.)

I would very like to play this breathtakingly beautiful game in two player co-op, but the frustrating difficulty I see in every review video wouldn't be any fun for us.

Best regards

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Hi, V4V

We have added selectable difficulty levels, quick save anywhere, rebalanced the game to make players feel comfortable in the Stone Universe.

So everyone has fun here: hardcore players can try beating challenging levels with high difficulty, casual gamers can enjoy exploring the game's world and completing the story.

You can also play co-op levels with your friends!
WRGSupport: We have added selectable difficulty levels, quick save anywhere, rebalanced the game to make players feel comfortable in the Stone Universe.
Thanks for the answer. I'll give it a try and bought it a few minutes ago.

I'll post my/our impressions after we made them. :)
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After playing alone for a few hours, I have these wishes/suggestions:

- LAN co-op with every player on his/her own PC without the need of gamepads
- playing the single player campaign co-op, not only four special co-op levels
- camera zoom via the mouse wheel and/or customizable keys
- camera look up & down
- camera modes like a shoulder camera that stays locked behind the dwarves backs
- Please make the following currently non-bindable keys bindable: cursor keys, keypad comma, F5 + F8 (inexplicably locked to quick save & load).
- Please make the soundtrack available for purchase.

More may come in the course of time. :) I had fun playing the game and will continue doing it.

I tested only the first chapter until "Roots and Locusts" on easy difficulty so far. It's really easy, the dwarves' health seldom dropped under approx. 90%, never under 70%. Next time, I will try the medium difficulty.

Oh, and you should include the need for gamepads to play cooperatively in the system requirements on the game's GOG store page.
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Hi guys! Thanx for your game, it's pretty unique one! After playing for several hours (just obtained all abilities for third hero) I have some thoughts that could be helpful for you:

-Armor repairing feature seems odd. Probably it would be better to connect armor abilities to health, and use minerals for healing. It's a bit annoying to repair and to switch on armor abilities every time I find the Stone.

-When a character approaches to Stone, it shows a nice animation with lines and two menu text notes. I think it's better to replace texts by icons and place them on left and right part from line animation.

-In zero gravity episode sometimes it's unclear what direction exactly character will fly. Maybe it's better to add a line marker to movement ability with (like it's made for shooting to teleport abilities)

-Playing stealth episodes for Shadow I've noticed that enemies, who see a killed mate, start to check every bush, that grants me invisibility. For some reason they go exactly to that bush where I hide, and when I change one bush to another, they go to my new place of hiding! Somehow bots know where I hide and pursuit me... It's strange logic for stealth game :-)
Hi, V4V, boomboris!

Thanks for the overall feedback!
It's a really great help for us as the game gets better and better.
We have forwarded your feedbacks to our designers team.

is it possible to reactivate the german texts. I've read on Steam-Community, that some users would help for a fixed translation:
- camera modes like a shoulder camera that stays locked behind the dwarves backs

This please. Or another method of controlling the camera it that doesn't require the pause key to be held down.

"Oops, I accidentally paused the game for the 15th time this level since I'm trying to get a look at where I'm going" is getting annoying.
nvm I got it
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