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Hi everyone,

got stuck in the "shadow"-level, in which you have to "scout the camp", "find keys" and "return to exit"..'s just - I can't complete the level because there are "alarmed enemies" left.
I completely cleaned the whole map off anything that's breathing (except my 2 comrades).
Is this a bug or is it just me?

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: another symptom is, that I can't save nor activate rune stones. It's like if there was an omnipresent invisible enemy entity, watching over me and I got no chance of defeating it...
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OK, i somehow "solved" the problem. Just don't ask me exactly how..
..anyways, I'm posting what I've done, just in case you (having the same problem) want to try:

- go to the savegames-folder (/Users/User/AppData/LocalLow/Whale%20Rock%20Games), BACKUP it and DELETE everything inside.
- launch the game, start a NEW GAME, SAVE at least once in the 1st level, quit game.
- RESTORE the savegames from the backup, NOT OVERWRITING existing files (except "index.json", REPLACE this one with your old file from backup)
- launch game, LOAD your last savegame, quickly press F5 (quicksave) the second it has loaded.

This solved it for me.
Hope it works for you as well.
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