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I thought I'd create this on the forums in case anyone is interested in seeing the patch notes for We Are Not Alone.

Big thank you to everyone who is providing bug reports - I'm trying to fix these as soon as I possibly can!

The patch today brings a few changes. The most notable being that the HARD MODE achievement should no longer accidentally pop when playing in Normal and using the hotspot flash (sorry - it just got harder!)

I'll try avoid spoilers as best I can here. If you encountered ... you'll know what it means.

Fixed issue where store room encounter could break with a save/load.
Hard mode achievement no longer triggers on wrong circumstances.
Could avoid decontamination sequence.
Fixed double "scream" event in a later room.
Game now saves after a lengthy scene, meaning if something goes wrong you'll be OK
Crouching during a specific cutscene would cause you to walk slowly after - added fix.
Missing highlights in later section of the game have been added.
Can no longer repeatedly trigger an end game event (it looked awkward!)
Various hotspots have had their names updated
Bunch of spelling issues fixed.
A few instances of dialogue happening at the wrong times has been fixed.
Fixed issue in dorm, where picking up camera could cause something awkward to happen.
Added text in incase you solve a puzzle early, rather than Riley refusing to take an item.

Once again a big thank you to everyone, for your patience, and for your support. I'm a solo dev and have tried and will keep trying my hardest to bring the quality YOU deserve.

Patch 1.7 is now available!

GOG Specific: Linux version will be available soon.

-Geoff no longer pushes Riley out the door - he's learned some manners.
-Characters should not longer "fall into place" in certain scenarios (well, they will, but I did a cool thing with the camera fade in so it should be less noticeable).
-Can no longer repeat a day (entering a room no longer resets the objective)
-Added tutorial for viewing current objective.
-Added mention of tutorial for running in third person mode.
-Made the pool puzzle a little easier with various hints.
-Added reminder in tutorial on where to find tutorial information if you forget controls.
-Fixed autosave bug near end of game
-Fixed issue where you couldn't collect camera unless opening/closing a menu first
-Fixed various triggers repeating dialogue (now does it once)
-Fixed being able to telepathically collect some items, or interact with some objects.
-You can no longer see through Charlie's door into the void.
-The weights in the gym are no longer so shiny they cause temporary blindness to players.
-Riley should no longer get stuck on her own couch.
-When using inventory items, they highlight in a nice blue rather than red. Better indicates a positive interaction.
-Controls can now be viewed correctly in the options menu (just in case you forget something, but I know you won't!)
-There is no longer a floating camera in they gym - also the "camera" sign has been found and put back on the wall!
-Riley now understands how toilet (doors) work and shouldn't be able to get stuck on them.
-A camera will no longer disappear if you save/load at a specific time.
-The fog that was meant to be in the ending scene of the game but was never there ... is now there - SPOOKY!
-LINUX ONLY: Due to Vsync not working in Linux, a target framerate has been set, hopefully fixing potential motion sickness issues. This is experimental, and may not work, and I will continue to test + attempt a fix.

Known Issues:
-In the main living area, the game may start stuttering for no reason. I'm investigating, but saving + loading clears this up for now.

Also a big HUGE thanks to one very dedicated Linux user who provided tonnes of feedback. A bunch of fixes listed here are from their comments. If you're reading this, you know who you are, and I really appreciate it!