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Will this game be translated to <insert language here>?
Localization is currently planned for French, Spanish, German as close to launch as possible.

Is this game coming to Switch?
There are plans for a console release, but no concrete information on launch timings. Safe to say it will be a few months after the Steam release though.

How many people are working on this?
Apart from voice actors and sound/music designers, this is a solo developed project.

Why was the demo removed? Will it be coming back?
There's a few reasons, and the plan is for it to come back at some point!
Please check the announcements area of the store page for more information.

Why do achievements only work on Windows?
Unfortunately due to the way achievements are implemented, they are not currently available on the Mac and Linux platforms in the GOG version. This is in my list to fix as some point down the line, but there is no ETA.
Post edited April 12, 2024 by Andrew_SBG