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Just got this last night (WotS 4). Loving the hell out of it, but there's no take screenie button? I've tried all the Function keys, nothing. There's a folder in the game directory, so there has to be a way of doing it...?

Nothing about it in-game, not going to ask on the Steam forums, so asking here.
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Alright, I asked on Steam & Twitter, so either I'm missing something or I'm going to assume there isn't one for this version (since Steam is usually F12)

Oh well. Boo for me I guess
Use some overlay like MSI Afterburner and set that on F12 or wherever you like, then you can even disable Steam's and use that universally for everything. Alternatively Windows key + print screen will save a picture automatically (the screen will dim for a moment to let you know it worked) rather than have to paste it in like with just print screen and it works whether you're in a game or not. All this can vary if the game does something weird with rendering as usual, you might get your desktop screenshot even though the game's over it or whatever, but commonly it all works.
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