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I can't take pictures/photos ingame. Neither by pressing F12 in normal gameplay or in photo mode, nor by pressing the mouse button or any other key on the keyboard. Not even by good coaxing or swearing.
Does anyone have a tip?
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What a mess this game is! 1stly the bug on saved games, now this.

Indeed, the photo mode is crazy. I am not a fan of photo mods, but this is odd. Why no button to make a screenshot? The settings on keybindings do not have anything or I am looking in a wrong way. My guess is the developers expect you to use 3rd party software to screenshot things, like Steam Launcher or maybe GOG Galaxy (not sure on the latter, I never used). To me that shows that the developers are badly neglecting GOG customers that aren't using any launchers or overlays, mistreating them like 2nd class citizens. I've no clue if there are more bugs.
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