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I'll leave the interpretation to ambiguous acknowlegdment, but i think you get the point...take us to space or medieval times, let us race or even fly, let us battle each other or alien races...please don't feed the minds with simulated and mindless natural destruction. As we pass the land goes barren...and the games we play influence our lives.
Killing for living is not about a game, it's about survival of the fittest...the human world is far from that as we hunt for sport and not for need...i don't mean to censor or impose my opinion...i just feel more for those who naturally don't destroy their natural world.
Think about that.
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mamasume111: i don't mean to [...] impose my opinion...
Yes, you do, it's literally the entire point of your post.

I find it funny that you have no problem with other games which depict humans killing humans and/or humanoids yet feel the need to make a post titled "GOG please don't...." in response to an animal hunting game. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, though, since animal rights and environmental activists who care more about their pet project than about their own species is par for the course.

It's a fucking video game. Cool it with the PETA-Jack Thompson vibes.
I love animals....they're delicious.
I want to torture a deer, does this game allow this?
Please send.