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"Next patches and updates
It's been quite a day, fellow hunters!

We are flooded with your feedback and trying to answer your questions, suggestions and bug reports. We are very pleased to see so many of you enjoying our vision of an authentic hunting game. However, it's also evident that we need to address some technical issues and bring certain features to the level you all expect. Please, have a look at what we are working on right now to improve your Way of the Hunter experience:

These are the highest priority issues to be fixed in the first patches:
- FOV slider
- support for ultrawide screens
- ability to change keybindings

These are some of the most frequently reported issues that we are investigating with high priority:
- stability and gameplay issues in Multiplayer
- disappearing and difficult to follow blood tracks
- persistent audio bugs and issues with audio levels
- performance optimization on all platforms
- player model clipping through equipment in first person
- colorblind options

If you encounter any issues yourself, the single best way to let us know is to submit a bug report with as many details as possible via

The best place to chat and reach us directly remains the official Discord channel with over 5000 members, so join us at

Thank you so much for bearing with us (no pun intended) and good hunting!"

Full Current Roadmap here:
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