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DamoclesAlpha: Good news!

It appears that the latest update adds this soundtrack to the game. The update hasn't yet been released on, although it supposedly has been submitted and will eventually be available. The Steam release has been updated to this version.
Negatus: This illustrates the weakest aspect of GOG, since this update has been available for well over a week on Steam. It must be a pain to patch custom installers. Luckily for old games that aren't receiving official updates this is a non-issue, but I no longer buy new & still officially supported games here. Since I rarely buy new games anyway, GOG isn't missing out.
Just to be fair to GOG, this one taking so long was during a holiday and it was partially our fault for not communicating it well ahead of time etc. From my experience it usually takes them about a day which is reasonable.
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edmanguy: Hey,

so the new version of Wasteland has a track by Mark Morgan which is pretty awesome.

If you're looking for more music to listen to while playing, I wrote a soundtrack for the game last year, with a track for each location in the game.

You can listen/download from Soundcloud here:

Or download a zip file of the whole album from my website:

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks a lot for sharing. I downloaded it and so far I have been enjoying it.