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Although GOG only has the PC and Mac versions (for now), there is a Linux version. Most Linux distros should be carrying Warsow in their repositories. (Though some may require third party repositories. For example, your best bet for Ubuntu is through PlayDeb.) The downside is that some of these distros are using an older version. Be sure to check through your distro first and see if they have version 1.02. If not, you can head over to the Warsow website and download a precompiled package directly from them:

This package will work on Ubuntu-based systems (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Mint are some well known ones) and potentially any Debian based systems. People using non Debian distros, like Fedora, OpenSuse, etc, can use the software Alien to convert the package from .deb to their local package type:

People who are really hardcore and want to build the source code for themselves are in luck as well. Warsow is open-source, and the sdk can be found on their downloads page.
Experienced users should be able to compile it relatively easily, but for those who are newer at it, the Warsow wiki should be updated soon with more detailed instructions:

Lastly, the Warsow forums are a great place to ask any questions you have:

Or you can check out the IRC channels on Quakenet:
Server: Quakenet
Channels: #warsow (official), (for North American players, tends to have more people online)
Thanks for the info.
Thank you! I was really hoping to see a Linux version of this game, glad to know it already exists.

Looks like they've got it in the community/ repository in Arch Linux. Awesome, no AUR required for this one! :)
you can install warsow on linux from gog now
Thanks for the info. Linux Mint 17.3 user here.

I'm more partial to Nexuiz Classic and Xonotic, but enjoyed tinkering with Warsow during my Windows days.

My only gripes with Warsow are:
(1) 512MB graphics card? 2GHz CPU? Nexuiz Classic and Open Arena will run on a fraction of that.
(2) Warsow's online community is a ghost town. Even Xonotic, despite being the 'new kid' on the open-source FPS block, has alot more going on online.

For Linux users there are now a ton of options for great FPS games. Many are free, DRM-free, open-source, and run on modest hardware.