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i want to be able to have my hero with fast attack speed with at least a 100 or so dmg behind it and at least 100 armor. only i found so far close to this is the barbarian deathnight. id like a list of gear i should collect to maximize the build. thank you for any fee back you guys. i almost never use magic so i dont invest points into it.
Monk, they get attack speed and damage bonus with attacks. Thats a pretty high amount of armor for 'all' types.. You might just go beyond a rational hero level to reach it and then the game is just heros bashing armies and winning. zzz

Shoot for about level 50 max, its a fair level in terms of facing RTS armies. Monks are a good 'proc' class, wear items that cast a spell on % chance per hit, attacking fast means a lot of spells. Theirs a good dagger for attack speed.
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Was he talking about WBC 1, 2, or 3?