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Does anyone know the TCP/UDP ports to forward for WBC III TCP/IP internet games that need to get through a router?

Haven't needed to set this up for a while and last time I was able to find the ports quickly on ye olde internet; no luck with Google this time though.

FYI, the standard DirectX 8+ ports of 2300-2400 and 6073 UDP do not seem to work -- even though one site suggested them and my memory and the Internet agree that WBC2 did use the standard DirectX 7 (and earlier) ports of 47624 TCP and 2300-2400 both back in its day. (Tried those with WBC III too in case they had hard coded them instead of simply using the installed DirectX version's default ports; no joy.)
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Why not using 3rd party soft like GameRanger?
triock: Why not using 3rd party soft like GameRanger?
Because it would require installing another piece of software to use up system resources and be a potential compatibility and/or security problem, while only moving the original problem. Routers and firewalls along the path would STILL need to be configured, just for the intermediary software instead of for WBC3. And sooner or later someone will try to monetize that 3rd party software (if they aren't already), which means additional headaches.
triock: Why not using 3rd party soft like GameRanger?
I've had trouble with getting Warlords 3 to work in GR, as have several friends.