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Seems that this game has an issue with scaling. No matter what resolution I've set in game options along with fullscreen on - off screen is always zoomed in and I can't see whole screen.
Tried fiddling with compatibility / DPI scaling etc, but no sucess.
Due to this issue I can not progress further in story (unable to switch planets).

Anyone having the same/similar issue?
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I have the same issue.

I am using a GPD Win 2 and wanted to try it on my Monitor. The device over heated and since them i am only able to play in 1:1 Ratio.

Is there a config file i can delete? Because prior to the issue i was able to play it normaly.
To me it seems that this game can not handle 3840x2160 resolution.
Once I've lowered resolution in Windows to 2560x1440 then game works fine, it's a bit zoomed out, however it fixed my issue with switchting to another planet (still no matter what resolution I choose, game looks same and window size does not change).

You can seach App Data or similar folder for config, however I've not found specific "config file" at all.
Maybe in registry (regedit) ?