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does this version supports widescreen resolutions or is there any mod that enable that?
Quick look in google brings me no answers.

Thanks bro!
Palimpsest42: Quick look in google brings me no answers.

Google - Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Gold Edition widescreen

brings you to the best gaming optimisation page:


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I got the link but no download I can see on the page? I know I've got rez stuff here before but I can't see a download button anywhere lmao....

I signed up for WSGF looked all over everywhere there is no download link for this patch anywhere. I've looked on the wiki as well. If anyone ever reads this please advise. Thanks
I guess no one knows this. The link as far as I can tell is no good. I guess I can't buy the game. Bummer
Actually after reading better the site says this game supports 1920X1080 OOTB. is this true?
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