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Changelog for Update 1.8 (added 05 March 2018):

* Changes to morale. All melee units now inflict morale damage in a radius around them as long as their morale is greater than 50 in Veteran and Grim Darkness difficulty.
* Low morale now reduces a units combat skill (the chance to hit and dodge in melee combat)
* Added tiles to the tactical display to visualize new morale loss from melee units system
* Tweaks to random army list unit selection in skirmish mode. Should provide more balanced lists with a more even distribution of unit types.
* Fixed Gorkanaut flamer getting infinite attacks
* Added missing strings for Legacy of the Weirdboy DLC
* Minor tweaks to AI to stop flamers targeting tanks as much
* Fixes to shaders and lighting tweaks
* Fixed Flight of the Morkanoughts mission not ending
* Fixed side icons on results screen.
* Increased warbikers movement by 1 tile
* Fixed bug where user maps would not load
* Reduced amount of reinforcements slightly
* Decreased turn limit on Rear Guard mission
* Increased turn limit on Sulphuric Refinery mission
* Removed artillery from Clockwork massacre mission
* Increased damage of Valkyrie missiles slightly
* Decreased damage of Ork choppas slightly
* Increased damage of thermal cannon
* Increased damage of vanquisher cannon
* Decreased accuracy of storm bolters slightly
* Decreased damage and power of bolt pistols and sluggas
* Decreased the transport size of space wolf heroes in terminator armour
* Decreased accuracy of supa kannon slightly.
* Changes to tournament scoring. Score is now out of 100 with 30% for winning, 30% for who has most victory location points, 40% for casualties.
* Added Russian font support for translation testing.

Changelog for Update 1.2.3 (added 31 May 2018):

Key changes:
* Added Special Skulls unit.
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Changelog for Updated 1.2.4 (added 21 June 2018):

* Fixed Sentinel typo
* Fixed The Red Waaagh Intro mission not spawning units.
* Fixed guardsman with plasma gun smoke grenades
* Fixed Murderous Tide ability not giving back the correct HP
* Fixed virulent touch not working correctly on counter attacks
* Fixed Ichor Cannon attack not working properly
* Fixed Unit teleporting bug
* Updated Russian text with some fixes
* Fixed bug which was breaking the level up carryover to the next mission if the player didn’t pick an ability
* Added secure login
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Changelog for Update 1.2.5 (12 September 2018):

Key changes:
* Added Skirmish Campaign
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Changelog for Update v1.2.6 (added 16 May 2019):

Key changes:
* Added Skulltaker
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Changelog for Update v1.3.1 (27 June 2020 / added 28 July 2020):

- Bug fix for hang issue which could prevent ending a turn

Standalone installer, and those of its DLC, updated (1.3.0 ⇒ 1.3.1b): 28 July 2020.