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Arrow keys (can also be used on the numpad): up, down, left, right

enter & ESC to as you'd expect.

f1 - autosave
f2 - menu
f3 - file functions
f4 - objective
f5 - toggle strength plates
f6 - mutes sound effects
f7 - pause/play music
f8 - mutes music
f12 - end turn

a - abort move
I - ignore unit
r - rest
n - select next unit
p - previous unit
z - zoom in
x - zoom out
v (selected unit) - show stats

(if you discover anymore please comment below)
Post edited September 10, 2021 by Matt_Boom
neat ! thank you, i "discovered" N and R when i was tired of clicking when i wanted to rest my units after a rough battle! the rest of the hotkeys will help too !