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Game needlessly pushes the GPU, even the likes of Metro Exodus and Chernobylite (in Dev) runs better set on ultra. Seems to me to be just a lazy cost saving move on the developers behalf.

Be warned those playing on notebooks that this game will light up the GPU and use 100% of all available resources irrespective of GPU which is a joke for a game of this nature. Far more graphically complex games can and do use far less resources. The same comments are also on Steam, so not an isolated case.

Very disappointed as although the game itself is good, it's poor optimisation kills the experience, nor from the comments on Steam looks likely the dev's will address the issue. Changing in game values has little effect, even at idle the game will consume 100% of all available resources for no apparent reason.

Had I been aware of the issue in advance I would never have bought the game, hopefully GOG refund or preferably credit as for me it's unplayable. The very last thing I want out of a turn based strategy game is high temperature & screaming fans. I also own Space Hulk: Deathwing, although a busy FPS it's optimised way better with both fans & temperature remaining moderate.

FWIW i7 8750H. 32GB RAM & GTX1070, the notebook is reasonably competent and has no throttling or cooling issues, with Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus being the only game to have such issue and I mostly play 1st or 3rd person 3D games...

Uninstalled, as ever great service from GOG as they completely understood the situation.
Post edited August 31, 2020 by Queen6
Yeah what the fuck. This game melts my GPU. It sure doesn't look like it should be as graphically demanding as it is, PC definitely passes recommended reqs.