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Hi there citizens of the empire.

I have been looking myself blue in tha face for a camera fix for Dawn of War Soulstorm. Me and a friend wants to play but without having the feeling of scraping the camera around in the dirt. The zoom is just too much.
And I've looked around everywhere for a fix, including the Better Camera mod:

It doesen't work. I've cahnged the resolution to everything between heaven & earth, and still nothing.

Do anyone have a definitve mod or solution to this problem? A solution to rule them all, to make us able to just zoom out a little bit. Please?
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old Camera Zoom Mod. Cant say for sure a link. Original podt was on old defunct relic forums. PCGW articles have it as i remember - if someone didnt change a link.

One lua file is enough. I dont know what they 3 lua do and why one enough. For me any of 3 did the same trick.

One mod for all 3 game. Place lua file(s x3) to Engine/Data folder (initially empty).

They only issue with that oldermod can be cause of security reason. Start game and/or galaxy as admin (if galaxy as admin start game thrkugh galaxy for game get admin run mode too). Happen only if game OR galaxy installed to system folders. Will work without admin run from x/Games/Warhammer-40k-DoWSS/ (-DOWDC or -DOW-GE/) or D:/Games/Goggalaxy/ it using Galaxy.