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Installed Dark Crusade to replay some good old campaigns.

Went with greenskins for a good melee oriented campaign, since last time years ago i played a lot of tau and other ranged races.

However on most maps that feature a lot of streets or narrow paths the melee unit pathing is basically non-functional, especially when melee units are massed.

Melee units outright refuse to path towards the enemy through narrow streets - i tried ordering single squads or multiple squads, move orders or attack-move or attack on a specific target etc etc etc.

By far the worst offender was the underground capitol city of the Necrons, my melee units were so incapable of pathing through that tomb-city area that i had to get rid of them all and replace them with shooters just to complete the mission.

I tried repairing all the game files & even reinstalling the game but nothing helped.

Is this really how bad melee unit pathing is on all these maps that are not just a flat open field?
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There is one issue for all 3 game for all units. Multiple units groups spread too much. Too much to enough say pathfinding are broken.
Anything else is modern versions bugs. Looks like especially for GOG since it is Retail DRMfree - Steam DRM - GOG No-Steam cracked "backport". Currently they are more bugged than bugged Steam versions.

GOG really should offer old Retail versions as bonuses.