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Hi there,

I've loved Chaos Gate ever since I first played it in 2000; I've still got the original CD! Along with a GOG copy, since I don't have a CD drive any more...

Like others, I've struggled to get it playing reliably on my machine, so for the past couple of years I've been working on a game engine recreation. It beats maintaining a windows XP VM long-term, or so I thought at the start.

I've hit some major milestones over the past couple of weeks - although no gameplay yet - so I figured the time had some to share it more widely. I can't post links here, but if you're interested in the project, it's called "ordoor". Happy to chat about it here on the way to getting it to 100% functionality, accept contributions, etc. All the code is MIT-licensed.

Things done up to today include the ability to display terrain maps (almost) pixel-perfectly, a good slice of the UI functionality, and some sound (with a pre-processing step). Mostly it's a labour of investigating file formats ,then writing code that uses said files.

It's written in Go, which isn't the best choice, but also not the worst, probably ;). I'm developing it on Linux, but the libraries are all cross-platform so one hopes it'd compile fine on Windows and Mac as well.

As a game engine recreation, it needs a copy of the original game data to *do* anything - fortunately, it's only a couple of quid on GOG!
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Great Idea! :-)
Sorry for the thread necromancy.

Is there any way to still download the repository for this project? I took a look at your website, but its down. I did find some of it with the wayback machine. The documentation you had on reverse engineering the ani file format was really informative and the animated gif of your work looked great.