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I don't own Battlesector yet, but I enjoyed another WH40K game from Slitherine called Gladius - Relics of War so I plan to get Battlesector as well on Gog, but I have a big question: does Gog version gets updated as Steam as well? And will be also DLC for Battlesector on Gog too?

Sorry if I ask for such thing but there were some games, in which Gog users aren't treated equally with Steam users. In Battlesector it seems a bit shame that Gog version doesn't have Polish language and Cloud Saves in comparision with Steam version, but I want at least know if it will still gets updates and DLCs just like Steam version.

I will apprecciate if either devs or other owners of this game could let me know about these question. :)
Currently, both updates released for STEAM are also available in GOG.
Only for Galaxy users, the offline installers are still not updated.
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Thanks for the replies. Its nice that game gets updates on Gog as well, albeit only offline installers are not updated yet.

Still, I'll probably wait to see if the first DLC for Battlesector will appear on Gog and then wait for a better discount than the current one. I suspect the first new faction would be Sisters of Battle since some units are already in game. :)